How to enter

  1. Check that your school, college or academy is taking part in the Embark award.
  2. Talk to your Embark award tutor about taking part and they will set you up with a login to begin recording your progress. You’ll also need to complete an Embark Student Consent form in order to take part.
  3. Choose, plan and complete 18 STAR Activity Records in total, in at least three different categories. You must complete the ‘My courses and careers’ category but can choose any two others. There are 6 award categories to choose from.
  4. Fill out your STAR Activity Records frequently for each category and present to your Embark tutor in your school / college.
  5. Finally you need to complete 1 reflective statement before you finish and submit your work and notify your Embark tutor.

You have until the December of your final year at school or college to complete your STAR Activity Records and Reflective Statement. Explore the award categories and choose which ones are right for you.

After you’ve entered the Embark award

After entering the Embark Award, you will have the opportunity to attend sessions and master classes on how to identify and develop your skills. There is also a help section once you’ve logged in to help you complete your STAR Activity Records and Reflective Statement.

You can download a prepared example of a Reflective Statement and a STAR Activity Record.

When you have completed the Embark Award it will be checked and moderated. On achieving the Award you will receive a certificate together with 12 UCAS points, if you are applying to UWE Bristol.