My experiences of work

It’s time to learn about the world of work! Making the transition from education to employment can be a steep learning curve – getting experience in the workplace enables you to gain a far better understanding of what skills are required such as working as part of a team and dealing with customers.

Choosing work related activities such as work experience or part-time work provides the opportunity to learn about general skills on the job.

Along the way, you’ll get an insight into the workplace and real experience of work – invaluable when you come to deciding on a career path or a company to work for.

Activity ideas

Get inspired by exploring part-time jobs, opportunities for industry visits, work experience and employability skills master classes. Ask your careers advisor about the opportunities available through their experience and contacts.

How to enter

To enter the Embark award simply complete 18 STAR activity records in total. 6 of these must be in the ‘My courses and careers’ category. You then need to write one reflective statement. Explore other categories and find out more about how to enter.