My enterprising projects

If you’ve got lots of initiative, this is where you can really make things happen! You might be a budding entrepreneur with an exciting business idea or want to explore the opportunities beyond a 9 to 5 career.

Enterprising people have a very specific set of life skills that include learning how to handle uncertainty, how to embrace change, how to have and implement ideas and develop a can-do approach.

If this sounds exciting to you, Enterprise is the way to go.

Activity ideas

Get inspired – check out Young Enterprise, self-employment, Working Knowledge, Enterprise days and activities and the Prince’s Trust.

How to enter

To enter the Embark award simply complete 18 STAR activity records in total. 6 of these must be in the ‘My courses and careers’ category. You then need to write one reflective statement. Explore other categories and find out more about how to enter.