Award categories

Finding your way and discovering skills you didn’t know you had can be very exciting. Doing that through activities that you enjoy is even more rewarding. So we’ve put together 6 categories to get you started.

Explore the categories and choose any two you like plus ‘My courses and career’. You then decide how you want to make up your 25 plus hours activity for each category – this can be a single activity or a mix of activities.

Explore the categories below and find out how to enter.


My volunteering

Gain valuable work experience and develop your skills and expertise for a good cause.

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My enterprising projects

Learn how to embrace change, use your initiative and implement your ideas.

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My experiences of work

Make the leap to the world of work easier by learning about what potential employers value.

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My hobbies and interests

Learn to be an effective team member and how to step up and take the lead when required.

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Our world

Use your interest in learning about the world to foster global awareness.

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My courses and careers

Explore education and career opportunities to help you focus on what you want from your future.

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