Here are a selection of questions we get asked about the Embark award:

Why should I do this award?

The Embark award will help you to:

  • Develop your skills and endorse your achievements
  • Stand out in a competitive jobs market
  • Nurture your confidence and communication skills

Find out more about the benefits for students.

How long have I got to complete this award?

You can start from September onwards in Year 12 and complete by the end of December in Year 13.

What do I have to do?

You will need to complete 18 STAR Activity Records in total. 6 of these must be in the ‘My courses and careers’ category. You can only write a maximum of 6 STAR Activity Records per category. You then need to write one reflective statement.

You can download a prepared example of a Reflective Statement and a STAR Activity Record.

Can I include activities I’ve been involved in before Year 12?

No, you can only include activities that you have been involved in since Year 12.

Who validates the activities?

The person in charge or responsible for running the activity. For example, your leader at Scouts, your sports coach for football.

What does the STAR activity record consist of?

The STAR activity record consists of the following:

  • S – describe the situation. For example playing football
  • T – describe the task. For example to set up some training sessions to improve team performance
  • A – describe what action you took.  As team caption you took responsibility to organise some additional coaching sessions
  • R –  what was the result of this action.  For example as a result of extra coaching you started to perform better as a team.

You can also upload any supporting evidence.

Do you have any advice on how to complete the Embark Award?

Have a look at the STAR activity record and reflective statement examples, which you can find once you log in to Embark. They can also be found under the answer to ‘What do I have to do?’ question above.

Where can I get help?

Once you log in to Embark, information and advice can be found in the ‘Help’ section. Alternatively, speak to your Embark tutor in your school or college.

How long do you store my information for?

All personal information collected by the Embark Award will be held securely for six years. Your Embark Award tutors and UWE Bristol staff will be able to access your data.  When you log onto the Embark Award platform you will be asked to read the privacy notice, which provides further details on data collection and storage.

Download the Embark Privacy Notice.